Award Winning Close Up Magician for Hire 

Hire Tj to perform as a Close Up Magic for Table Magic at Parties and Events throughout the UK

Hire a Close Up Magician for your Event to get a ‘Magical Experience’

Tj Shoesmith is an Award Winning Close Up Magician for Hire, with over fifteen years experience.

Tj has traveled the world performing at many places, performing magic for families, businesses, politicians, and celebrities at private functions and corporate events.

Tj’s engaging magic performance is ideal for both formal and informal occasions

Magician for Hire

Professional UK Magician for Hire

Tj Shoesmith

“I need to know the guests are having a good time! If I see them laughing and having fun that makes me happy, it is as important as fooling them.” Tj
Table Magic Performer - Tj Shoesmith is a Close Up Table Magician for hire in the UK

As a member of the Inner Magic Circle and past Close Up Magician of the Year Winner. Tj is one of the best Close Up Magicians in the country.

A Magic Experience

Tj works as a Mix and Mingle Magician, moving throughout a venue to entertain small groups of people at a time. Tj is an ideal Magic Performer for Birthday Parties, Private Gatherings, Weddings, Corporate Events and more.

Guaranteed to Amaze

Tj knows how to engage and entertain all age groups,  to make your event memorable for years to come. His magical performance can be tailored to suit the needs of your guests. Talk to Tj to discuss what you would like.

Magician for hire

No doubt you are researching how much it costs to hire a magician. Tj is asked to perform at events throughout the UK, and the price will depend on the specific details of your event. Phone Tj directly on 07940 573265 or fill in the Booking Enquiry Form

Magic throughout the UK

Tj is based in St Albans, Hertfordshire and frequently booked as a Magician in London. However, Tj will travel throughout the UK. Contact Tj on 07940 573265 or click here for the booking enquiry form.

Don’t miss out on the fantastic Magic Performance of Tj Shoesmith

Booking Enquiries

To enquire or book Tj Shoesmith as a Table Magician, please take a moment to fill out the enquiry form, and someone will be in touch to confirm availability / discuss options.

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