The Most Prestigious Magic Venue in the World

The Magic Castle is considered to be one of the best magic venues in the world. A members club dedicated to the art of magic which offers five arenas, all under the same roof, of varying sizes. This gives visitors the opportunity to see magic from right close up to a large stage.

Line drawing of the magic castle in Los Angeles

Magic Castle Los Angeles

TJ first performed at The Magic Castle in 2004, working in the Close Up Gallery, he was immediately invited back for another two week run and to lecture to the magical members. He has been working there regularly ever since.

Tj Shoesmith arms out stretched in front of the Magic Castle Hollywood

OK, so I was pleased to be there!

Tj said, “It was an extraordinary first week at the Magic Castle, they treated me so well and the food was wonderful. The audiences have come to see magic and love it. It truly is a magical place.”

The Magic Castle first opened its doors in 1963 and has been the home of magic ever since. Those considered to be the best in the business have performed there, David Copperfield, Lance Burton, and other Las Vegas stars have all graced the Palace Stage at The Magic Castle.

Below is the layout of the Magic Castle just to give you an idea of the number of rooms and corridors it possesses. There are three floors, the walls of which are filled with photographs and posters.  Even the original WC Fields pool table can be found in the basement. Tj has performed in all of the auditoriums apart from the Theatre which he is hoping to do next year.

Line drawing of the floors at the magic castle

The Magic Castle Layout

Tj represented The Magic Circle during its centenary celebrations in the United States in 2005.