Magician Film and Video from Tj Shoesmith

The Magic Castle 2007

The Magic Castle is where I recorded the first video of my cabaret act. It is very grainy and was recorded some time ago but I'm proud of it.

The Magic Castle 2014

I returned to the Magic Castle many times before the pandemic. This was one of my performances in the Close Up Room.

The Magic Circle Close Up Competition 2003

I won this competition in 2013 ten years after this was filmed. However, I much prefer this performance, I felt I had the audience from the moment I walked on the stage. They were wonderful.

My First Showreel 2003

The first show reel I ever made, filmed on a state of the art camera believe it or not. No Iphones back in the day.

My Current Show Reel

Filmed a couple of years ago by my favourite photographer.

Filmed for ITV


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