I was invited to Theydon Bois Village Hall to perform table magic at the Annual Awards Ceremony for 2324 (Chigwell) Squadron. I perform as an Essex magician regularly as it is not far from my base in Hertfordshire.

“I personally would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family when it comes to entertainment at high profile events and we have no doubt we will be inviting you back next year.”

Joe Halliday (Flying Officer RAFR(T)

Darren Cornhill of Woodhill Security runs the civilian committee and decided that they needed entertainment and chose a magician. I was delighted that it was me. It is one of the reasons I was attracted to the idea of becoming a magician. Performing tricks at a family event is always such a great pleasures.

Many important people were in attendance, including, Air Commanders, Squadron Leaders and the Mayor of Loughton. Parents and family members from Theydon Bois and the surrounding area were present to see many presentations. Awards for Best Flight, most improved and Best Cadet were included.

It is always nice to perform magic for a family audience and there were many enthusiastic teenagers present. Half way through the evening there was a break for food and it gave me a perfect opportunity to move from table to table performing magic at each.

Teenagers become very astute when it comes to magic and it is always interesting to talk to them about their views on tricks and magicians. Many have been watching YouTube and are very keen to show me tricks they have learnt.

Theydon Bois

A residential village near both Loughton and Harlow. With a population of 4,000, its notable eccentricity is a lack of street lights. Apparently, the villagers have always voted against them fearing it would change the overall appearance. No problem for me as magic is always easier to perform in dim light.

The Air Training Corps (ATC)

A youth group sponsored by the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Air Force. It is no longer used for recruitment although many go on to serve in the RAF. The activities are very varied including sports and outdoor activities as well as drill, rifle shooting and flying. Children can join from year 8 in England and Wales and service ends at the age of 20.  Across the UK there are over 30,00 cadets and 10,00 adult volunteers as well as committee members.

If you are looking for a magician to perform at an award ceremony in Theydon Bois do give me a call.


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