Stevenage Magician at Business & People Awards

peoples awards magic on stage
Stevenage Leisure Centre

I was back working as aStevenage Magician at the Stevenage Leisure Centre for the Business and People Awards. The screen you can see in the picture is one of the biggest I’ve seen and really adds a remarkable dimension to the evening.

This time last year my father was only days from death, being looked after by the excellent team at Windsor Street Care Home in Cheltenham. We were with him throughout his illness, and I only left his side to work. It was at this time I was employed to work with a number of good friends on a job in Stevenage, as close up magician.

Well here we are a year on, and it was both heartwarming and poignant to find myself back at the same venue with those very friends who had been so supportive twelve months earlier. Performing as a magician can be very isolating. Most engagements require only one magician, so one drives, eats, waits, and works alone. I don’t mind this, I am happy with my own company to a certain extent, and have a full family life. One might say that those trips away keep me sane.

However, there was a time when magic and Magicians was my life. I remember being out most evening either performing, watching or socialising. I remember big magic conventions when I didn’t get to bed until the early hours. The thought of family life had not even occurred to me.

Those friends are still there, and it is nice to meet up every once in a while. Earning money at the same time is a bonus. It was, as it was last year, relaxed, jovial and fun. Time heals, and as I move on with my life, it is great to see those friends are still around and happy to see me.

I’m regularly booked to work in Hertfordshire as a Stevenage Magician and am always happy to discuss your requirements. Do feel free to call for a chat.

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