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As a Lancashire Magician, he has appeared at the Manchester City Football Ground and the Manchester Library Theatre as well as many hotels in the area. He has also performed comedy magic at the Dalton Rooms in Lancaster.

He has a reputation both as a UK Magician and internationally, with appearances in New York, Los Angeles, South America and all over Europe.

Blackpool Magicians also host one of the largest conventions in the world, which includes close up and children’s competitions, lectures and shows.

His routines are built on sleight of hand, and he is a past winner of the Magic Circle Close up Magician of the Year Award. With a flair for comedy, he is able to keep your guests amused while fooling them completely. He regularly tours the UK with his show Devious Minds and appears at comedy magic nights up and down the country.

If you are looking for a Lancashire Magician to liven up your corporate event or private party, then give us a call. Tj has entertained Senators and Royalty, performed on luxury cruise liners and international magic nights.


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Read more about some of the past venues I have performed at below.

Salford University

tj shoesmith at Salford University
Salford University for 50th Apprentice Awards

I was invited to perform magic in Manchester at the 50th Apprentice Event on September the 19th at The University of Salford in Manchester. Keepmoat provided the entertainment and I was very grateful to them for choosing me. The initiative is run by a company called Pendleton Together. There mission is to create apprenticeship opportunities [...]

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Manchester City FC

manchester city football players with tj shoesmith magician
Manchester Magician at the City Football Ground – The Summer of 69

In 1969 Manchester City beat Leicester in the FA Cup final. The result was one goal to nil. Forty years on a benefit dinner was held in honor of the team that played last year and I was invited to perform close up magic at the event. Most of the players are still alive and [...]

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Blackpool Magic Convention

blackpool magic convention winter gardens
The Children’s Entertainer International Championships Blackpool 2010

I really enjoy this competition. It has a slightly artificial set up with a few rows of children at the front and magicians sitting behind but it works pretty well and you certainly get a gauge for who is connecting with the kids and who is not. Magic competitions are a staple diet of most [...]

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Southport Convention

southport magic convention
Southport Magician Convention Win by Tj Shoesmith

International Brotherhood of Magicians Originality Award Last month I took part in the International Brotherhood of Magicians Stage Competition, which took place in Southport, Lancashire. 8 to 10 acts perform and are judged on different criteria, it's rather like the google algorithms, no one is quite sure what they are and how it works. It [...]

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Blackpool Convention

blackpool magicians club convention logo
Blackpool Magicians Convention Stage Show 2010

The Blackpool Convention is a highlight of the year not only for Blackpool Magicians but also for magicians worldwide. I have written articles on magic competitions so I won’t discuss the mechanics here now but Blackpool Magicians hold competitions at the Convention and the stage competition was a great success. Open to Magicians from all [...]

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Manchester Magician

manchester city football players with tj shoesmith magician
Manchester Magician Tj Shoesmith For Hire

Manchester Magician Tj Shoesmith has had some great experiences in the city. It is a great place to perform, and he has worked at a very wide variety of different venues, to very different audiences. Venues where Tj has performed, as a Manchester magician, include Manchester City’s Stadium, Malmaison Hotel, Salford University and The Manchester [...]

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