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Tj Shoesmith – Magician and member of the Magic Circle

Tj Shoesmith has worked as a Leicestershire Magician and entertainer on numerous occasions, including performances at the Stapleford Park Hotel.

Tj Shoesmith is a Lincolnshire magician who has performed all over the county. As a wedding magician he has provided magic in Toft and Boston to name but two.

Tj has also worked for the staff at Butlins in Skegness. As a comedy magician he has made many appearances in Lincolnshire’s comedy clubs, these including Lincoln University and Boston, lectured for the Lincolnshire Magicians after winning the International Brotherhood of Magicians Championship.

Tj Shoesmith has won many awards and appears at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and the Magic Circle in London regularly.

He also makes about 100 appearances a year at Comedy Clubs and Magic Nights up and down the country.


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Read more about some of the past venues I have performed at below.

Lincoln University

lincoln university from the water
TJ headlines at Lincolnshire University

I was back at the university last night, performing at the Lincolnshire weekly comedy night. It takes place in the bar of the arts centre and although not a perfect venue it is a very enjoyable gig. Last night I closed for the first time and was supported by a number of up and coming [...]

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Back at Lincoln University

magic at lincoln university
Comedy and Magic at Lincoln University – My second visit

So I was back at Lincoln University on Monday Night working as a Lincolnshire Magician. My last visit was about a year ago when I did the middle in there regular monday night comedy event. This time I returned as MC, with three relatively new comedians and a headliner. The three supporting comedians were all [...]

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