TJ Shoesmith at Stafford University as part of Students Media Studies

media studies magic at stafford uni
Staffordshire University

I was called earlier this week by a student looking for a Stafford Magician who was available for a student project. The media students of Stafford University had been briefed to create a “Chat Show” in the vein of Jonathon Ross or Jay Leno.

One of the students had suggested using a magician as one of the guests and my name cropped up. They wanted a few minutes of stage magic before I sat down to talk to the host.

The programme was to be watched by a studio audience while being simultaneously broadcast over the internet.

It was an incredible experience. First of all, “doing couch” as the American’s put it, is not as easy as it looks. You have to rely on your host to feed you. The important thing is keeping the energy up and talking about things which are interesting and relevant.

There was a good turnout possible over a hundred in the studio and the magic went down well. The presenter was very relaxed and the questions were genuine.

After we were finished they asked me to do a close-up magic show for those who wished to stay. This was well received and I really enjoyed meeting everyone.

Here is the video of the show, the sound is out of sync but you should get the idea.

The team was very professional and the studio well equipped. It felt like the real thing. Since I appeared in Stafford I did a spot on ITV News after winning the Magic Circle Close Up Competition and this experience was a great help.


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