Comedy Cabaret and Theatrical Pickpocket

Tj has been performing as a Theatrical Pickpocket for the last ten years. He has the experience to tailor his show to your needs and circumstances.

Tj is a regular performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood and has also appeared on Monday Night Magic in New York. He has represented the Magic Circle in London on many occasions both as a Close Up Magician and Cabaret Magician.

He has also worked on luxury cruise liners such as Royal Caribbean and Silver Sea, playing to large audiences in great auditoriums.

His comedy magic act includes Theatrical Pickpocketing, which proves very popular amongst guests and friends at corporate events and private parties.

A Theatrical Pickpocket invites members of your audience onto the stage and then removes watches, wallets and other items from their pockets without their knowledge. It is fun for those watching and those participating and is the highlight of any evening.

He is half of Devious Minds, a comedy magic show, which regularly tours the Country. His Comedy Cabaret and Theatrical Pickpocket Act has been seen by thousands.

He is a past winner of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Originality prize for Stage performance and has made many appearances at Comedy Magic Nights, including Conjuring at the Court and Madam Jo Jo’s.

He is also a regular compare on the Comedy Club circuit so his ability to interact with an audience is well tested.

If you are looking for a comedy cabaret with magic and pickpocketing then do give us a call or email us using the form on the right of the page.

Tj Shoesmith – Theatrical Pickpocket and Comedy Magician – is an award winning Cabaret performer who has worked all over the world.

“Laughter and magic need to go together for the act to be really entertaining!”